Tourism in Hossegor

Just imagine this unique beach, surrounded by wild dunes and lapped by the Atlantic Ocean, spread over more than 7 kilometres - just enough to lay down your towel well away from other beach umbrellas... With its mild climate and its rich soil, the Landes coast is the perfect place to explore the local environment and to reconnect with nature. A holiday in Hossegor offers you its lush environment and a wide range of activities, each one more inspiring than the other.

For example, you can take a galupe - a small flat-bottomed boat seating four to six passengers - to travel across the Huchet stream in Léon, just 30 km away from Hossegor. Traditionally used by fishermen on large lakes and Landes coastal rivers, these boats serve today the nature lovers, offering them a 7 km trip along the stream, between the dunes. Here you can see pines, willows, bald cypresses and cork oaks, otters, minks, grey herons, pond terrapins and no less than 200 bird species. A real must-do experience!

And last but not least, you can' t imagine Hossegor without its famous oysters! Any local will tell you it is a real must-try of the town. There are six oyster farmers who passionately preserve a long-standing oyster-farming tradition, most of them based on the south-eastern lakeshore. Today, more than 120 tons of oysters are produced every year and sold only in this area. The most knowledgeable will easily recognize them thanks to their nutty taste! Choose your holiday rental on our My home in Hossegor website and discover all the charms of this small Breton town.